Four Star Mushrooms is building an integrated food ecosystem through the marriage of controlled-environment and regenerative agriculture. Our brand cultivates premium quality gourmet and functional mushrooms that we distribute directly to restaurants, hotels, caterers, clubs, and grocers across Chicagoland.

We grow 7 varieties of mushrooms year-round and have acclaim for the best chefs in Chicago. Quality and sustainability are paramount to our brand. We turn organic byproducts from adjacent industries into fuel for our 'superfood' mushrooms, in turn creating a rich soil amendment used to regenerate soil and, ultimately, our food system. We have a model for a carbon-negative, zero-waste vertically integrated food system.

Our values are centered on our customers and we strive to guarantee the highest quality and consistent gourmet mushrooms possible.

  • Quality

    The most discerning chefs select our product - serving as an endorsement to our quality.

  • Sustainability

    We exist to improve farming practices that regenerates soil and mitigates adverse climate impact.

  • Transparency

    To Trust "what you plate", we are transparent in everything that goes into growing mushroom.

  • Innovation

    We strive to develop efficient controlled environment processes to create increasingly bespoke products.


Good For You

  • Nutrient Rich: Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Immune System: Contains modulating beta-glucans
  • High Protein: Low calorie per serving and low in fat

Top Chefs - Top Choice

  • Flavor: Packed with umami
  • Versatility: Provides a meaty texture for a variety of dishes
  • Endorsed: Found in hundreds of restaurants across Chicagoland

Good For The Planet

  • Regenerative: Turning organic byproducts into mushrooms & then soil
  • Controlled Environment: Cultivated indoors year-round
  • Hyper-Local: Producing in the community we serve


With a belief that mushrooms are a keystone component to building sustainable food systems, Four Star Mushrooms™ was founded in 2019. Our 250 square foot cultivation space in Logan Square was dedicated to providing select Chicago chefs with specialty mushrooms, limited by our production capacity.


Growing gourmet mushrooms in a controlled environment allows for a year-long growing season, rather than just a few months. Further, we are able to dial in the climate within each grow room to provide our mushrooms with exactly what they need to produce full fruit bodies, which translates to tasty mushrooms for our customers!


We see regenerative and controlled environment agriculture as necessary to food system sustainability. Our experience has allowed us to understand and plan the marriage of these two cultivation practices. We are on a journey to create an integrated food ecosystem that regenerates human and ecological health.