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  • John Shields Chef/Owner - Smyth & The Loyalist

    We’ve been incredibly fortunate to work and collaborate with some of Chicago’s most ambitious growers and artisans. I can say with complete confidence that the Four Star Mushrooms model is leading the way for others to follow. Their willingness to experiment and grow to our specifications has not only opened new doors for our creativity but will most certainly help them attract new clients and differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Cesar Murillo Executive Chef - North Pond

    As a chef, consistency in quality and supply, along with shelf life, are crucial to running a successful restaurant. Four Star Mushrooms checks each of  these boxes. The most important characteristic, and what truly sold me on their product, is their taste and overall flavor.” My guests at the restaurant love them, especially vegetarians.

  • Caleb Trahan Chef de Cuisine - Schwa

    Working with Four Star Mushrooms has given us access to mushrooms that were previously inconsistent to source. Talking directly with Joe and the team allows them to adjust growing and selecting practices that tailor the mushroom to our needs, helping us to have better quality and more efficient preparations for our dishes.

  • Hagop Hagopian Executive Chef - The Clare

    Four Star Mushrooms have been great. Not only do we have access to an outstanding artisanal product but, we also partner up with great people who have a great reputation in the culinary community.  I can highly recommend Four Star Mushrooms.

  • Collin Parker Chef - Duck Inn Chicago

    The best quality of mushrooms and fun varieties to choose from. Joe and the team care about what they do and it shows. Customer service is just as important to them as the mushrooms themselves. The people and products are second to none!

  • Seth Bradley Chef/Co-owner of NudeDudeFood

    Four Star Mushrooms grows the best mushrooms I’ve ever seen.  Having incredibly consistent quality, week after week, the mushrooms speak for themselves and arrive looking absolutely stunning every time - it’s no wonder they're selling to the best restaurants in the city.

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